software suspend finally

After many, many reboots and kernel recompiles i can hibernate 🙂 It appears that it is an ACPI problem, but if a use a hdparm like this for my disk [b]hdparm -d 1 -A 1 -m 16 -u 1 -a 64 /dev/hda[/b] IT WORKS. Probably that i can read from the disk fast before an […]

software suspend 2.1.7

Could please somebody tell me why i cannot have a laptop that it will hibernate properly ? I am trying to make it work for more that a week. Today i had a better luck. With software suspend 2.1.7 for kernel 2.6.11-rc4 i am able to hibernate in runlevel 1 (using ACPI) all the time. […]

slmodem and kernel 2.6.10

Following my debian installation, [url][/url] i had left a couple of things to take care. On of them was the onboard Modem. It took me more that 4 hours to figure what was going wrong with the slmodem. I tried a lot of versions up to 2.9.10. First of all if you are using kernel […]

spammers using mod_proxy ?

Everyday last week, somebody was trying to connect to a spesific host on port 25 (SMTP), using mod_proxy. The IP’s are from a provider somewhere in Asia and the host they are trying to connect is in China. My apache mod_proxy cause it is disabled. I just see it on the logs. They want to […]

emerge system

I am playing with gentoo on my laptop for about 3 months. Today i decided to do an emerge system. It is really easy to update it: emerge –sync followed by a emerge system (you can also use emerge –pretend system first in order to see what it will be updated) and finally a etc-update. […]