debian testing = Microsoft Free Laptop

I have spend most of my weekend installing debian testing.

Finally i am microsoft free. No more dual boot in my laptop. Only debian.
I was planning to do that when the sarge would be releases, but since there is no release schedule i wanted to try.

Installation of debian testing using the debian-installer rc2 was 10 minutes work. The rest of the time was installing everything i need in order to work.

I need to configure my wireless card (ipw2100) and my modem, in order to say that i have finished. A kernel recompile is on the way for that.

All the needed programs are installed: firefox for webbrowsing, thunderbird from mail, xmms for mp3s, mplayer for movies.

The only program from windows that i am missing is the Checkpoint Management Clients. If that doesn’t work under wine, then we have a problem. I will need a vmware just for that.

The speed under KDE is really impressing. The guys at Debian have done an really nice work. And debian testing rulez.

I will keep you posted

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