Category: Linux

  • Whiterussian RC5 Released

    Our friends at openwrt released the Whiterussian RC5 A lot of bugfixes….. Time to do a backup of my WRT54GS and upgrade

  • Upgrading to FC5

    Time to upgrade to FC5… First we upgrade our system to the latest FC4 updates: yum upgrade Upgrade the fedora release: rpm -Uvh Upgrade the yum: yum upgrade yum And now time for the full system upgrade: yum upgrade Wait……….do a reboot and you are up and running.

  • Fedora Core 5 Released

    Fedora core 5 released today. bofh waits for it upgrade, i will give it a couple of days for the mirrors to sync and then i will upgrade through yum

  • appending the bash history

    One common problem with the default settings of bash or the defaults settings of your bash_profile ~/.bashrc is the bash_history. When you logout from your shell all the commands you entered there are writteen to the bash_history. Hmmm what happens when you logout from 2 or more shells ? Yes the last history list is…

  • Playing with LVM

    My main problem all the time is that i have small capacities on hard disks (8GB,10GB) and so on. I don’t want to throw them away but i don’t want also to leave them lying around. This time i did an exception: i bought a big one, a Western Digital WDC WD2000JB (200GB) plus this…

  • Converting ext3 to reiserfs

    I am a fun of reiserfs. Period. The only filesystem i had without reiserfs was on my laptop. 20GB of data on ext3. I wanted to converted to reiserfs without doing a tar create a new filesystem on the disk and untar the data. Since i had a working backup set, i give a try…

  • Debian Installer etch beta 1 released

    Debian team released the new installer for the etch. It appers that the next time (in about 1-2 years 🙂 that you will install Debian you will have a graphical version of the installer. For the rest of us, an apt-get dist-upgrade will be sufficient 🙂 Also they dropped support for installations using 2.6 kernel…

  • Asterisk Releases… I cannot follow anymore

    I don’t know what is going on on Digium but i must admit i cannot follow their releases anymore Have a look on the announcements Asterisk 1.2.0-beta1 29 Aug 2005 Asterisk 1.2.0-beta2 1 Nov 2005 Asterisk 1.2.0-rc1 9 Nov 2005 Asterisk 1.2.0-rc2 12 Nov 2005 It appears that we will have a stable 1.2.0 till…

  • Asterisk 1.2.0-beta2 released

    First mail in my inbox today…. The release of Asterisk 1.2.0-beta2 A ton of bugfixies. Will i find some time to upgrade my asterisk installation ? As a start i put it as the first item in my TODO list

  • Kernel 2.6.14

    Hmmm, a kernel release… So ? Just another kernel release ? Should i upgrade ? No, wait for a few days. Everything works ok with 2.6.13 These are the usual questions after a kernel release 🙂 This time since it was a weekend i want to give a try. The ipw2100 make it way to…

  • Finding orphaned libraries

    I came across with a really nice utility for debian. It is the deborphan. What it does ? It looks for orphaned libraries in your debian system. That is library packages that you no longer use. Give it a try [url][/url]

  • openvpn 2.0

    Dag hasn’t provided yet an rpm of the openvpn 2.0 for Fecoda Core 4. Here is one, just builded a couple of minutes ago 🙂 [url][/url]

  • Sveasoft Talisman 1.0.5 Problems

    I am using the Talisman firmware on my WRT54GS for about 2 months. The last 2 days i was having problems with the connection to the internet. I am not sure that it was a problem with my adsl provider but i could connect at all 🙂 On the dmesg i was seeing messages like…

  • Building kernel modules the debian way

    What i hate after upgrading a kernel ? Compile all your modules that there are not part of the main stream kernel. If you use a custom kernel is easy. But if you want to stick for a reason with a prepackaged kernel sometimes is difficult. The debian way = Allways build a package for…

  • ipw2100 and kernel 2.6.12 issues

    After upgrading to kernel 2.6.12 with software suspend2 the ipw2100-1.1.0 driver stopped compiling. The following patch take care of it. It solves the[b] is_multicast_ether_addr[/b] and [b]create_workqueue[/b] errors. diff -Naur ipw2100-1.1.0/ieee80211.h ipw2100-1.1.0.test/ieee80211.h — ipw2100-1.1.0/ieee80211.h 2005-03-14 18:54:24.000000000 +0200 +++ ipw2100-1.1.0.test/ieee80211.h 2005-06-21 11:48:06.000000000 +0300 @@ -643,10 +643,12 @@ #define MAC_ARG(x) ((u8*)(x))[0],((u8*)(x))[1],((u8*)(x))[2],((u8*)(x))[3],((u8*)(x))[4],((u8*)(x))[5] +#if LINUX_VERSION_CODE < KERNEL_VERSION(2,6,12) extern inline int…

  • Upgrading to Fedora Core 4

    The machine that holds my blog, holds also everything for my domain 🙂 It was running fedora core 3 and it hasn’t been switched to Debian sarge (yet ?) due to the reason above. After the release of Fedora Core 4 i had 2 options: Download the CDs and use them for the upgrade or…

  • Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 released

    Finally after 3 years the new debian sarge waits for us in the mirrors. For as that we were using testing upgrading is simple: Change the sources.list to point to sarge instead of testing and do aptitude update && aptitude -f –with-recommends dist-upgrade. I had allready done it when the sarge was frozen last week…

  • clamav hits 35000 virus definitions

    In less than 4 months, 5000 definition where added into clam antivirus. 35000 as of today and counting.

  • Debian drops Sparc development

    The Register has an article about the decision of Debian release manager Steve Langasek to drop some architectures… Sparc is one of them. [url][/url] Could somebody please explain me what i i will run on my sparc machines (beside Solaris of course) ? Let’s hope that they will reconsider it again….

  • kernel 2.6.11

    Or maybe it is, or it is or it is ? Edit: 14/05/2004 I think today they desided that the latest 2.6 kernel is the 🙂 I was thinking to upgrade my machines…. NO, I will stay with the 2.6.10. Read why… [url][/url] Remember the kernel numbering has changed…. The *.x.y…