Upgrading to Fedora Core 4

The machine that holds my blog, holds also everything for my domain 🙂

It was running fedora core 3 and it hasn’t been switched to Debian sarge (yet ?) due to the reason above.

After the release of Fedora Core 4 i had 2 options: Download the CDs and use them for the upgrade or do it over the net as i have done it for all my debian machines.

The isos are about 2.5 GB….:(

Upgrading over the internet using yum is simple.

Just follow this howto

The upgrade run with out any serious problems. The only problem after the upgrade was the php-mmache which i will investigate it a bit cause it gave me signal 11 error on the apache processes i suspect that was due to the fact i haven’t clean the php-mmcache cache directory.

A couple of reboots to test the new release and we are up and running