slmodem and kernel 2.6.10

Following my debian installation, [url][/url] i had left a couple of things to take care.

On of them was the onboard Modem.

It took me more that 4 hours to figure what was going wrong with the slmodem.
I tried a lot of versions up to 2.9.10.

First of all if you are using kernel 2.6.10 and slmodem-2.9.10 YOU must use the patches from [url][/url]. The api in 2.6.10 has changed a lot. These patches will take care of it.

Second make sure that you don’t have the [b]snd-intel8x0m[/b] module loaded. I was allways geting a[b] device or resource busy[/b] when i modprobed the slamr module.

Now we have a working modem, and we are finally able to dial….