software suspend 2.1.7

Could please somebody tell me why i cannot have a laptop that it will hibernate properly ?

I am trying to make it work for more that a week.

Today i had a better luck. With software suspend 2.1.7 for kernel 2.6.11-rc4 i am able to hibernate in runlevel 1 (using ACPI) all the time.

On runlevel 2 i can only hibernate without ACPI. The systems hangs on “Reading caches”

Of course my laptop is useless without ACPI.

I have forgot how many reboots i have done, how many kernel recompiles with different options, but i will not quit, since hibernate is a must for me.

It appears that is an ACPI problem. I will try again with ACPI as a module, just in case.

I will keep you posted.