Shutdown -h

I am shutting down the blog section. Eventually will move the content to the main site. Close all post for commenting to avoid spam. Will keep the post for references

Upgrading to FC5

Time to upgrade to FC5… First we upgrade our system to the latest FC4 updates: yum upgrade Upgrade the fedora release: rpm -Uvh Upgrade the yum: yum upgrade yum And now time for the full system upgrade: yum upgrade Wait……….do a reboot and you are up and running.

appending the bash history

One common problem with the default settings of bash or the defaults settings of your bash_profile ~/.bashrc is the bash_history. When you logout from your shell all the commands you entered there are writteen to the bash_history. Hmmm what happens when you logout from 2 or more shells ? Yes the last history list is […]

Draeger Ray Tests…

I spend my whole day at work reading the manual. Normally i don’t read the manuals. This time i did it and i really enjoy it. The Draeger Ray manual is more than complete. They explain everything from the complete assembly and dissasembly of the unit to pre and post dive maintainance and all the […]

Draeger Ray

Yesterday i got a very interesting phone call from my friend GKAM, a known rebreather diver in the greek underwater community. Here is the conversation: GKAM: Bill i found a Draeger ray are you still interested ? Me: Sure, when can i buy it ? GKAM: Tomorrow i think Me: Ok sounds nice Honest i […]

WordPress 2.0 and a Happy New Year

First of all Happy new Year 🙂 This year started with the release of WordPress 2.0. WordPress is going better and better. The 2.0 version is slick and you get a WYSIWYG editor among the changes. To be honest for some reason i got the latest.tar.gz containing WordPress 2.0 on Dec 27. The timestamp for […]

Playing with LVM

My main problem all the time is that i have small capacities on hard disks (8GB,10GB) and so on. I don’t want to throw them away but i don’t want also to leave them lying around. This time i did an exception: i bought a big one, a Western Digital WDC WD2000JB (200GB) plus this […]

Converting ext3 to reiserfs

I am a fun of reiserfs. Period. The only filesystem i had without reiserfs was on my laptop. 20GB of data on ext3. I wanted to converted to reiserfs without doing a tar create a new filesystem on the disk and untar the data. Since i had a working backup set, i give a try […]

Asterisk 1.2 Released

The release of asterisk 1.2 came sooner than i expected ( At the time i write this an 1.2 asterisk is being built on my machine. From the asterisk web site “This release of Asterisk contains over 3,000 improvements on version 1.0, including hundreds of new features and applications.” When we will find time to […]

Debian Installer etch beta 1 released

Debian team released the new installer for the etch. It appers that the next time (in about 1-2 years 🙂 that you will install Debian you will have a graphical version of the installer. For the rest of us, an apt-get dist-upgrade will be sufficient 🙂 Also they dropped support for installations using 2.6 kernel […]

New FreeBSD logo

The competition is over. Finally after about 8 months from the announcement we have a new Logo. And believe me it is really nice ( Even if it isn’t the daemon, we will get used to it