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  • Shutdown -h

    I am shutting down the blog section. Eventually will move the content to the main site. Close all post for commenting to avoid spam. Will keep the post for references

  • WordPress 2.0 and a Happy New Year

    First of all Happy new Year 🙂 This year started with the release of WordPress 2.0. WordPress is going better and better. The 2.0 version is slick and you get a WYSIWYG editor among the changes. To be honest for some reason i got the latest.tar.gz containing WordPress 2.0 on Dec 27. The timestamp for…

  • Inverting the F Lock

    Some times Microsoft does good work on hardware. That is keyboards and mouse. The problem is that they do it in their own way => Friendly for the user. Or as they think that is friendly 🙂 On the office keyboards the Function keys has been replaced by functions eg Help,Undo,Redo,New etc. But i don’t…

  • Hare Krishna spam

    Today i received a strange email in my gmail account: Subject: Gouranga Call out Gouranga be happy!!! Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga …. That which brings the highest happiness!! With a little search on google i came across on references on Wikipedia and the following blog. It appears that is know also as the “Hare…

  • LAUNCHcast Radio Limits

    And the music stops playing….”Cause i have listened to over 600 songs this months. For the rest of the month, your free service will be reduced” 🙂 Yes it is allways open 🙂

  • Yahoo mail upgraded to 1 GB

    My yahoo mail account has just been upgraded to 1 GB. Yahoo has started to follow Gmail. Even gmail is in 2 GB and counting yahoo has started to follow the competition. Let’s see if hotmail will follow also, cause my hotmail account is still in the 250MB limit

  • Dreambox DM7000

    Starting from today i am a proud owner of a DM7000 🙂 It was on the whishlist for a long time. The box came with a 80GB hardisk installed=plenty of room to store recordings. First thoughts: The box is more than perfect. Channel Switching is really fast. I cannot compare it with my old skystar…

  • Sveasoft Talisman Firmware

    Yesterday sveasoft released their new firmware. A lot of changes if you compare it with Alchemy, and a really nice interface The only problem is that pppoe doesn’t work. I cannot get an IP from the DHCP server. Probably they will fix it in a day or two. I will keep you posted.

  • openwrt on WRT54GS

    I found some time today to test the openwrt (again) in my WRT54GS. I desided to drop the sveasoft firmware. The main reason is that every change in the firewall or QoS requires a reboot of the WRT54GS. Building the openwrt firmware and all the packages talk about 2 hours. I provide all the packages…

  • People looking for awstats

    I see a lot of people trying to find out if i have awstats installed on my web site in order to use the configdir exploit. Logged attempts include: /cgi-bin/awstats/ /cgi-bin/ /cgi/ /cp/ /awstats/ /stat-cgi/ /awstats/perl/ /cgi/ I don’t have awstats guys 🙂 🙂

  • Debrick a WRT54G for the second time

    I week ago i debrick a WRT54G ([url][/url]) unfortunately it died again. This time it wasn’t so easy. The main problem was that the CFE.BIN was corrupted = NO TFTP to put a new firmware. The solution was to find a CFE.BIN and write it again on the WRT. After finally founding an image, i…

  • SHA-1 Broken ?

    Slashdot has a REALLY interesting article about SHA-1. It appears that SHA-1 is broken as Bruce Schneier says in his weblog [url][/url] I work in the PKI market for about 5 years. As you can understand if SHA-1 is broken means a lot to me, you and the world.

  • wordpress as a cms

    In the 1.5 version of wordpress we have a really nice feature: “static pages” Now i am thinking to use wordpress as a cms. One of my problems with my site ([url][/url]) is that i don’t have a CMS in order to change content as often as i want. I must create a style in…

  • WordPress 1.5 upgrade

    The upgrade of wordpress from 1.2.2 to 1.5 took less that 10 minutes. And it rocks 🙂 I am missing my plugins but i will install them when the developpers update them for 1.5

  • WordPress 1.5

    Yes, the long waiting version of wordpress 1.5 it’s released. Time for upgrade 🙂 🙂 Thank you guys

  • Debrick a WRT54G

    I friend came a couple of hours ago with a bricked WRT54G. It isn’t so bad as it sounds. I was able to recover it in less that 15 minutes. There is a nice howto in the openwrt site ([url][/url]), look at the JTAG-adaptor Method. I build the adapter with one minor change. The ground…

  • hotmail down ?

    Hotmail service appears to be down for the last 3-4 hours. Even the check service page is giving errors….

  • Hotmail account upgraded to 250MB

    I just login into my hotmail account to see that it is upgraded to 250MB 🙂 It looks like the trick ([url][/url]) work and it took less that 10 days. Nice 🙂

  • News from an old friend

    I had an interesting phone call today buy I guy know as my mentor since his teached me everything i know on Unix and show me the way 🙂 . I have lost his traces on the net. He was busy writing a book and learning new stuff as allways. We will arrange a coffe…

  • Back from trip

    I spend the days 6-9 on thesalloniki. I had a really really nice time, and a lot of photos too. More on that soon. Today is the first day in the office after about 10 days…. A lot of stuff to take care off…