openwrt on WRT54GS

I found some time today to test the openwrt (again) in my WRT54GS.

I desided to drop the sveasoft firmware. The main reason is that every change in the firewall or QoS requires a reboot of the WRT54GS.

Building the openwrt firmware and all the packages talk about 2 hours. I provide all the packages on the following page [url][/url]. I desided also that i need more stuff compiled in the busybox such as the following tools: hostname,ip,tftp and ftpget,ftpput,watch, telnet. Without them the original firmware is useless for me.

Getting to the internet is easy:
nvram set wan_ifname=ppp0
nvram set wan_proto=pppoe
nvram set wan_mtu=1492
nvram set pppoe_ifname=vlan1
nvram set ppp_username=username
nvram set ppp_passwd=password
nvram commit

Install the pppd,pppoecd packages and do a ifup wan, and you are up and running.

I will work a bit tomorrow regarding snmp support. Yes mrtg is an option that i use all the time

One response to “openwrt on WRT54GS”

  1. Have you got snmp running? It’s working here, but link state for ppp0 is always down (pppoecd). Any ideas?