Draeger Ray

Yesterday i got a very interesting phone call from my friend GKAM, a known rebreather diver in the greek underwater community.

Here is the conversation:

GKAM: Bill i found a Draeger ray are you still interested ?
Me: Sure, when can i buy it ?
GKAM: Tomorrow i think
Me: Ok sounds nice

Honest i couldn’t sleep that night. When this guy propose you something you allready know 2 thinks:

a) That it is a bargain
b) That is works

I was searching for a rebreather for more than a year. My search on ebay didn’t went as i expected. A lot of Dreager Dolphins but most of the time they ended with a buyer and they appear again a couple of days later with the same decription and photos. I bid twice on them just to get a nice email message from the buyer to finish the auction outside the ebay. Since the price was on average 1700 Euros i didn’t risk it.

Date 26 February Time late in the noon
I went to see the rebreather with the money in my pocket 🙂

The reb is ready to dive, condition as new.

It came with 2 dosage heads one 32% and one 50%, the first one still sealed, an oxygauge with a sensor, and 5 lt of DiveSorb.
Yes i bought it.

Finally i am a happy owner of a Draeger Ray Rebreather.

This is how our story starts….. and believe me we have a lot of work to do in order to dive it plus now we have one more reason to finish our ppo2 display…

Photos coming soon