Category: Gmail

  • Google talk on your gmail account

    They did it again 🙂 Finally one IM program less for talking with your friends. Now you don’t need to install google talk in order to talk with your friends. Do it from your google mail page.

  • One year using gmail

    Today i celebrate one year using the gmail. 2GB was more than enough. I use it for all my mailling lists and after one year i still use only 85MB of my space. It contains about 6000 conversations and counting It is a relief for my normal mail account 🙂

  • GMail Sign-Ups Via Mobile

    With a blog entry on Google Blog ( Google announced that gmail is open to public, It now accepts sign-ups via mobile. The Beta logo on the gmail page still exists, also our invitations remain there. I cannot see the sign up page maybe cause i am located to Greece, but if i do that…

  • Gmail: April Fool or true

    New features again from gmail. Fonts, bullets and highlighting. Also on every refresh my account increases. Will it reach the 2GB limit ? The infinity ?….. 🙂 🙂

  • New gmail features

    More gmail features: a) Now we have a selection for the Gmail view: A basic HTML view in case we don’t have a fully supported browser and the usual standard one. b) We can also login to Gmail directly from Picasa and send the photos from your Gmail account

  • 50 gmail invitations

    I logged in my gmail account today and i show 50 invitations waiting. Of course there are a lot of them 🙂 🙂 If anybody wants one please post a comment with your email address

  • gmail and invitations

    When i logged into gmail i used to had the message “Invite x friends to gmail”. Now it is changed “Give Gmail to x friends”. It must changed today.

  • gmail and spam

    I am a user of gmail for about 3 months. The only use of this email account is to get all my mailing lists, and there are a lot of them. I never used this email account on the web and the email i use for the mailing lists is another one that forwards all…