clamav hits 30000 virus definitions

The latest clamav database has more than 30000 virus definitions. It is far away from the 100K, 120K that the commercial antivirus has but who cares about viruses 10 years old ?


slmodem and kernel 2.6.10

Following my debian installation, [url][/url] i had left a couple of things to take care.

On of them was the onboard Modem.

It took me more that 4 hours to figure what was going wrong with the slmodem.
I tried a lot of versions up to 2.9.10.

First of all if you are using kernel 2.6.10 and slmodem-2.9.10 YOU must use the patches from [url][/url]. The api in 2.6.10 has changed a lot. These patches will take care of it.

Second make sure that you don’t have the [b]snd-intel8x0m[/b] module loaded. I was allways geting a[b] device or resource busy[/b] when i modprobed the slamr module.

Now we have a working modem, and we are finally able to dial….


debian testing = Microsoft Free Laptop

I have spend most of my weekend installing debian testing.

Finally i am microsoft free. No more dual boot in my laptop. Only debian.
I was planning to do that when the sarge would be releases, but since there is no release schedule i wanted to try.

Installation of debian testing using the debian-installer rc2 was 10 minutes work. The rest of the time was installing everything i need in order to work.

I need to configure my wireless card (ipw2100) and my modem, in order to say that i have finished. A kernel recompile is on the way for that.

All the needed programs are installed: firefox for webbrowsing, thunderbird from mail, xmms for mp3s, mplayer for movies.

The only program from windows that i am missing is the Checkpoint Management Clients. If that doesn’t work under wine, then we have a problem. I will need a vmware just for that.

The speed under KDE is really impressing. The guys at Debian have done an really nice work. And debian testing rulez.

I will keep you posted


hotmail down ?

Hotmail service appears to be down for the last 3-4 hours.

Even the check service page is giving errors….


spammers using mod_proxy ?

Everyday last week, somebody was trying to connect to a spesific host on port 25 (SMTP), using mod_proxy. The IP’s are from a provider somewhere in Asia and the host they are trying to connect is in China.

My apache mod_proxy cause it is disabled. I just see it on the logs.

They want to spam or not ?


sendmail and maildir

Yes sendmail DOESN’T support maildir format.

But if you use procmail here is the solution:
Create a Maildir directory on your home folder using maildirmake. If you don’t have it you can try the following:
mkdir $HOME/Maildir
mkdir $HOME/Maildir/cur
mkdir $HOME/Maildir/new
mkdir $HOME/Maildir/tmp

And create a .procmailrc using only that rule:

If procmail is setuped correctly in your it will work.

I am posting this since a friend ask me about it. And i am using it a long time after switching from exim to sendmail. Don’t ask why. It is a new machine and i haven’t the time to switch to exim or qmail 🙂


lame server resolving

My DNS server (bind 9) was writing on the syslog quite often the common error message:
[b]lame server resolving[/b].

A server is marked as lame when either an NS record points to an
incorrect host, or the authoritative server is not giving authoritative
anwers (that means is responding from his cache).


You can turn off the logging by adding the following in your /etc/named.conf.

logging {
category lame-servers { null; };


Hotmail account upgraded to 250MB

I just login into my hotmail account to see that it is upgraded to 250MB 🙂

It looks like the trick ([url][/url]) work and it took less that 10 days. Nice 🙂


News from an old friend

I had an interesting phone call today buy I guy know as my mentor since his teached me everything i know on Unix and show me the way 🙂 .

I have lost his traces on the net. He was busy writing a book and learning new stuff as allways. We will arrange a coffe soon….


firefox crashes

I have about 5-6 installation of firefox 1.0 on win32, most of them on windows xp. All of them with the same settings, same extensions and theme.

From time to time i get a lot of crashes with the following error:
[b]AppName: firefox.exe AppVer: ModName: js3250.dll
ModVer: Offset: 000084f7[/b]

Especially when i try to open the url of gmail: Everytime i try to open that page first after i open the browser equals to the message above.

First i though that it was something wrong with the setting regarding automatic updates, then with the live bookmarks.

It appears that the problem is with the “tabbrowser extensions” extension, i removed it and for this day i have no problems-crashes.

I switch it to tabbrowser preferences. Let’s see if it will work without any problems now


emerge system

I am playing with gentoo on my laptop for about 3 months. Today i decided to do an emerge system.

It is really easy to update it: emerge –sync followed by a emerge system (you can also use emerge –pretend system first in order to see what it will be updated) and finally a etc-update.

Everything worked as expected. The next step is to do an emerge world….. But i am sure it will take 2 days to finish. The last compilation of kde took about 1 day 🙂


Back from trip

I spend the days 6-9 on thesalloniki. I had a really really nice time, and a lot of photos too.

More on that soon.

Today is the first day in the office after about 10 days…. A lot of stuff to take care off…


spam using pingback ?

The first time i got spam on my blog from spammers using comments.

Authimage did a great job, and i never received again. Now the are spamming using pingbacks….Go figure.

I will find a solution soon


Hotmail account upgraded

My hotmail account upgraded from 2 MB to 25MB.

To be honest a friend sent me a trick in order to do it. It appears that hotmail upgrades only the accounts that have, as a Country United States. Mine was Greece.


PCB Etching

After succefully etching 2 boards at home i think it is time to write down a howto.

It isn’t so difficult as it sounds. After you done it for the first time it is 30 min work to have a board ready.

20 mil track between pads isn’t bad at all 😀
Time to gather all my notes….