Shutdown -h

I am shutting down the blog section. Eventually will move the content to the main site.

Close all post for commenting to avoid spam. Will keep the post for references


WordPress 2.0 and a Happy New Year

First of all Happy new Year πŸ™‚

This year started with the release of WordPress 2.0. WordPress is going better and better. The 2.0 version is slick and you get a WYSIWYG editor among the changes.

To be honest for some reason i got the latest.tar.gz containing WordPress 2.0 on Dec 27. The timestamp for my wp-config.php and .htaccess just after the upgrade is Dec 27 11:02. The upgrade from 1.5 took no more than 10 minutes withoutΓƒΖ’Γ’β‚¬Ε‘Γƒβ€šΓ‚Β  any problems.

So in short happy bloging with WordPress 2.0


Inverting the F Lock

Some times Microsoft does good work on hardware. That is keyboards and mouse.

The problem is that they do it in their own way => Friendly for the user. Or as they think that is friendly πŸ™‚

On the office keyboards the Function keys has been replaced by functions eg Help,Undo,Redo,New etc.

But i don’t want to press the F-lock every time i do an Alt-F4 to close the window.

If you want to invert the f-lock download and import the registry fix from the following site

Finally….. Pressing Alt-F4 works πŸ™‚


Hare Krishna spam

Today i received a strange email in my gmail account:

Subject: Gouranga
Call out Gouranga be happy!!!
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga ….
That which brings the highest happiness!!

With a little search on google i came across on references on Wikipedia
and the following blog.

It appears that is know also as the “Hare Krishna spam”…


LAUNCHcast Radio Limits

And the music stops playing….”Cause i have listened to over 600 songs this months. For the rest of the month, your free service will be reduced” πŸ™‚

Yes it is allways open πŸ™‚


Yahoo mail upgraded to 1 GB

My yahoo mail account has just been upgraded to 1 GB.

Yahoo has started to follow Gmail. Even gmail is in 2 GB and counting yahoo has started to follow the competition.

Let’s see if hotmail will follow also, cause my hotmail account is still in the 250MB limit


Dreambox DM7000

Starting from today i am a proud owner of a DM7000 πŸ™‚

It was on the whishlist for a long time.

The box came with a 80GB hardisk installed=plenty of room to store recordings.

First thoughts: The box is more than perfect.
Channel Switching is really fast. I cannot compare it with my old skystar 2 PC card.
Channel searching is also fast. Movie quality on the Sony 29″ awsome.

Now i can say that i will have all my weekend to do tests. Install a new image and a couple of plugins.

Of course the network cable is allready plugged and i can do the usual [b]ping dreambox[/b] πŸ™‚

Happy playing πŸ™‚


Sveasoft Talisman Firmware

Yesterday sveasoft released their new firmware. A lot of changes if you compare it with Alchemy, and a really nice interface

The only problem is that pppoe doesn’t work. I cannot get an IP from the DHCP server. Probably they will fix it in a day or two.

I will keep you posted.


openwrt on WRT54GS

I found some time today to test the openwrt (again) in my WRT54GS.

I desided to drop the sveasoft firmware. The main reason is that every change in the firewall or QoS requires a reboot of the WRT54GS.

Building the openwrt firmware and all the packages talk about 2 hours. I provide all the packages on the following page [url][/url]. I desided also that i need more stuff compiled in the busybox such as the following tools: hostname,ip,tftp and ftpget,ftpput,watch, telnet. Without them the original firmware is useless for me.

Getting to the internet is easy:
nvram set wan_ifname=ppp0
nvram set wan_proto=pppoe
nvram set wan_mtu=1492
nvram set pppoe_ifname=vlan1
nvram set ppp_username=username
nvram set ppp_passwd=password
nvram commit

Install the pppd,pppoecd packages and do a ifup wan, and you are up and running.

I will work a bit tomorrow regarding snmp support. Yes mrtg is an option that i use all the time


People looking for awstats

I see a lot of people trying to find out if i have awstats installed on my web site in order to use the configdir exploit. Logged attempts include:

I don’t have awstats guys πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Debrick a WRT54G for the second time

I week ago i debrick a WRT54G ([url][/url]) unfortunately it died again.

This time it wasn’t so easy. The main problem was that the CFE.BIN was corrupted = NO TFTP to put a new firmware.

The solution was to find a CFE.BIN and write it again on the WRT. After finally founding an image, i was able to put a new openwrt firmware. It took a lot of retries and erases of the nvram till the firmware boots. Which i cannot explain since it should create again the nvram filesystem on first reboot.

Don’t try a firmware over 3MB it will not work out. Believe me πŸ™‚

I don’t know what exactly is the problem with that device. Maybe a flash problem. Anyway now it works, let’s see for how long πŸ™‚


SHA-1 Broken ?

Slashdot has a REALLY interesting article about SHA-1.

It appears that SHA-1 is broken as Bruce Schneier says in his weblog

I work in the PKI market for about 5 years. As you can understand if SHA-1 is broken means a lot to me, you and the world.


wordpress as a cms

In the 1.5 version of wordpress we have a really nice feature: “static pages”
Now i am thinking to use wordpress as a cms.

One of my problems with my site ([url][/url]) is that i don’t have a CMS in order to change content as often as i want.

I must create a style in wordpress in order to have the same layout in my site if i want to use it as a CMS. Having a look in the web it looks as it is not so diffucult.

Let’s see if i will be able to do it. I really like the idea to have a CMS based on wordpress.


WordPress 1.5 upgrade

The upgrade of wordpress from 1.2.2 to 1.5 took less that 10 minutes. And it rocks πŸ™‚

I am missing my plugins but i will install them when the developpers update them for 1.5


WordPress 1.5

Yes, the long waiting version of wordpress 1.5 it’s released.

Time for upgrade πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Thank you guys


Debrick a WRT54G

I friend came a couple of hours ago with a bricked WRT54G.

It isn’t so bad as it sounds. I was able to recover it in less that 15 minutes.

There is a nice howto in the openwrt site ([url][/url]), look at the JTAG-adaptor Method. I build the adapter with one minor change. The ground is not on pin 12 of the JTAG but on the pin 10. Check it with your multimeter, before you connect it.

If you want to read the firmware it will take you about 1 hour.

A simple “[b]wrt54 -erase:nvram[/b]” did the trick for me.

Nice now we have a solution if something goes wrong πŸ™‚


hotmail down ?

Hotmail service appears to be down for the last 3-4 hours.

Even the check service page is giving errors….


Hotmail account upgraded to 250MB

I just login into my hotmail account to see that it is upgraded to 250MB πŸ™‚

It looks like the trick ([url][/url]) work and it took less that 10 days. Nice πŸ™‚


News from an old friend

I had an interesting phone call today buy I guy know as my mentor since his teached me everything i know on Unix and show me the way πŸ™‚ .

I have lost his traces on the net. He was busy writing a book and learning new stuff as allways. We will arrange a coffe soon….


Back from trip

I spend the days 6-9 on thesalloniki. I had a really really nice time, and a lot of photos too.

More on that soon.

Today is the first day in the office after about 10 days…. A lot of stuff to take care off…