linuxmail account full of undeliverable notifications

I have an account on which i don’t use it too much. I hadn’t login for more that 2 months.

The account was over quota from the Undeliverable (or returned ) mails new viruses send using my email as the from address, or spams that spammers send using the same method

It will take me some time to clear it up. It is more than 350 mail messages 🙂


NetBSD 2.0 Released

I downloaded NetBSD 1.6.2 two days ago, in order to do some test to my sparcstation 5.

Today they released 2.0….. 🙂 Downloading now.

PS Next time i will have a look on the releases schedule before i start download 🙂


De-Spamming The Inbox

Anurag Jain suggests that switching off your mail server for 2 days = no more spam.
Read [url][/url]

Time to switch of my mailserver also ? After reading his blog…. I will put it in my todo list 🙂


slashdot ads again ?

I am a slashdot subscriber for only one reason: I don’t want ads.

As am i seeing now i have only one ad on all pages from mediaplex on the top of the page.

I can easilly block all of them using firefox and adblock but i pay for not having them. Even if the money is 5$.

Something wrong with there configuration or just because it is Christmas coming ?

Let’s see what they will say


New Vulnerability Affects All Browsers

I was reading slashdot and drinking the first coffe of the day, and i came across to this
“Secunia is reported about a new vulnerability, which affects all browsers. It allows a malicious web site to “hi-jack” pop-up windows, which could have been opened by e.g. a your bank or an online shop”

The bad think with that is that it affects also firefox…

General Software

Permalinks finally

Finally. I got permalinks to work.

The story: My blog is under a virtual host on apache (Fedora Core 3), and i allways got a 404 error when i enabled permalinks.

Solution simple:

Options Indexes Includes FollowSymLinks Multiviews
AllowOverride All
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

For the directory that wordpress is installed

And do a apachectl restart.

That allowoverride all makes the trick. It took me a couple of hours to figure out what was wrong.

The .htaccess file used was the one that wordpress suggests but even i searched on google i didn’t found a correct solution till i found this one [url=][/url]


news from a chef

My friend Dimitris is a Chef de partir.

He send me some photos from Spain. Well, not exactly photos from Spain, but from his creations….. This guy can turn the food that you don’t like in something that is really plesant to the eye and ofcource in delicious in your mouth 🙂

Todo: Remember to upload a couple of them



Mikel Maron has done an excellent work with the geoblog. Have a look at [url][/url], as he says “the World as a Blog”

I also added geo information on my weblog. And it works


A week using blog

It is about a week since i started using/writing a blog. All i can say it is a lot of fun.
The thanks goes to the guys that wrote wordpress.
There are a lot of stuff to learn about it…. A lot of plugins to play with….

OK enough back to the shell


thunderbird 1.0

The time has come. Mozilla Thunderbird reaches 1.0. Just got it and installed.



slashdot slashdotted ?

What is going on ? Slashdot got slashdotted 🙂 ? A lot of 503 Service Unavailable today.

Maybe they are updating the slashcode slashdot uses….[url][/url]


vi and repeat command

First time that somebody told me i don’t use the vi the way i should.

There was something like 0,10,20,30,40,50 and i should switch it to all zeros.
I did it with dw and insert a 0. And the other guy said “Why you don’t use the repeat command” 🙂

cw changewhatyouwant for the first and “.” for the others (For people that they don’t know it)

Yes it is easier 🙂


Yahoo mail upgraded

Justed login in my account on yahoo and instead of the usual 100MB space it is upgraded to 250MB.

Well i don’t use it so much since i use my gmail but it is a start for yahoo, who knows maybe next year will offer 1 GB or more 🙂


blog spam ?

To be honest, i didn’t know that there is spam on comments on blogs.

The strange think is that this blog is alive for less than 3 days. Where the hell they find it ? 🙂

For the last 1 hour: 15 spam comments waiting for moderation. The funny think is that they are from 15 different IPs but all of them suggest to go to the same url 🙂

I was really lucky since i found the authimage plugin for wordpress, lets se if it will work.

[b]Update[/b]: 07/12/2004 21:09: Yes it works 🙂


Life with firefox

I have been using firefox for the last 6 months. I think now is time to write how is life with it.

Why i switched to firefox ? Many reasons and security wasn’t the first cause i allready use linux and bsd.

It is [b]fast[/b] and it is [b]fully customized[/b].

But you need some extra stuff to make your life easier.

Tabs: Allready has tabs, but you need something to customize them. Tabbrowser Extensions should do it get it from here [url][/url]

BBCode Extension: You need it if you write on forums with BBCode. Try it and you will not regret it. [url][/url]

Adblock: Simple you need it. Use it and you will find out how different the web is.

SwitchProxy: I use proxies all the time. Change is a bit messy. Now it is 2 clicks 🙂

FlasGot: Does the option in IE Download all with FlashGet/Getright sound familiar ? [url][/url]

TweakNetwork: More speed. Turns on pipelining and you can switch it off back with a click

Enough for now. Start downloading it 🙂 [url][/url]


Hello world!

I always wanted to create a blog, now i think the time has come. Well, to be honest, i found some time to do it 🙂

The best use of a blog for me is more than a diary i can keep notes and keep them online.

Paper is good, but you cann’t have it online when you need it. Plus i don’t like to use a CMS…. Well not yet 🙂

Edit: BBCode plugin for wordpress works just great. Get it [url][/url]