Life with firefox

I have been using firefox for the last 6 months. I think now is time to write how is life with it.

Why i switched to firefox ? Many reasons and security wasn’t the first cause i allready use linux and bsd.

It is [b]fast[/b] and it is [b]fully customized[/b].

But you need some extra stuff to make your life easier.

Tabs: Allready has tabs, but you need something to customize them. Tabbrowser Extensions should do it get it from here [url][/url]

BBCode Extension: You need it if you write on forums with BBCode. Try it and you will not regret it. [url][/url]

Adblock: Simple you need it. Use it and you will find out how different the web is.

SwitchProxy: I use proxies all the time. Change is a bit messy. Now it is 2 clicks 🙂

FlasGot: Does the option in IE Download all with FlashGet/Getright sound familiar ? [url][/url]

TweakNetwork: More speed. Turns on pipelining and you can switch it off back with a click

Enough for now. Start downloading it 🙂 [url][/url]