Building kernel modules the debian way

What i hate after upgrading a kernel ? Compile all your modules that there are not part of the main stream kernel.

If you use a custom kernel is easy. But if you want to stick for a reason with a prepackaged kernel sometimes is difficult.

The debian way = Allways build a package for your custom modules.

Download and install module assistant ( Module assistant makes the installation of modules such the nvidia, ipw2100 peace of cake.

It will download the sources using apt, compile them and finally create a deb package.

So simple 🙂


ipw2100 and kernel 2.6.12 issues

After upgrading to kernel 2.6.12 with software suspend2 the ipw2100-1.1.0 driver stopped compiling.

The following patch take care of it. It solves the[b] is_multicast_ether_addr[/b] and [b]create_workqueue[/b] errors.

diff -Naur ipw2100-1.1.0/ieee80211.h ipw2100-1.1.0.test/ieee80211.h
— ipw2100-1.1.0/ieee80211.h 2005-03-14 18:54:24.000000000 +0200
+++ ipw2100-1.1.0.test/ieee80211.h 2005-06-21 11:48:06.000000000 +0300
@@ -643,10 +643,12 @@
#define MAC_ARG(x) ((u8*)(x))[0],((u8*)(x))[1],((u8*)(x))[2],((u8*)(x))[3],((u8*)(x))[4],((u8*)(x))[5]

+#if LINUX_VERSION_CODE < KERNEL_VERSION(2,6,12) extern inline int is_multicast_ether_addr(const u8 *addr) { return ((addr[0] != 0xff) && (0x01 & addr[0])); } +#endif extern inline int is_broadcast_ether_addr(const u8 *addr) { diff -Naur ipw2100-1.1.0/ipw2100.c ipw2100-1.1.0.test/ipw2100.c --- ipw2100-1.1.0/ipw2100.c 2005-03-14 18:54:25.000000000 +0200 +++ ipw2100-1.1.0.test/ipw2100.c 2005-06-21 11:48:06.000000000 +0300 @@ -6401,7 +6401,7 @@ INIT_STAT(&priv->fw_pend_stat);

priv->workqueue = create_workqueue(DRV_NAME, 0);
priv->workqueue = create_workqueue(DRV_NAME);


Upgrading to Fedora Core 4

The machine that holds my blog, holds also everything for my domain 🙂

It was running fedora core 3 and it hasn’t been switched to Debian sarge (yet ?) due to the reason above.

After the release of Fedora Core 4 i had 2 options: Download the CDs and use them for the upgrade or do it over the net as i have done it for all my debian machines.

The isos are about 2.5 GB….:(

Upgrading over the internet using yum is simple.

Just follow this howto

The upgrade run with out any serious problems. The only problem after the upgrade was the php-mmache which i will investigate it a bit cause it gave me signal 11 error on the apache processes i suspect that was due to the fact i haven’t clean the php-mmcache cache directory.

A couple of reboots to test the new release and we are up and running


Hare Krishna spam

Today i received a strange email in my gmail account:

Subject: Gouranga
Call out Gouranga be happy!!!
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga ….
That which brings the highest happiness!!

With a little search on google i came across on references on Wikipedia
and the following blog.

It appears that is know also as the “Hare Krishna spam”…


Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 released

Finally after 3 years the new debian sarge waits for us in the mirrors.

For as that we were using testing upgrading is simple:
Change the sources.list to point to sarge instead of testing and do
aptitude update && aptitude -f –with-recommends dist-upgrade.

I had allready done it when the sarge was frozen last week :). No packets changed 🙂 🙂


clamav hits 35000 virus definitions

In less than 4 months, 5000 definition where added into clam antivirus.

35000 as of today and counting.