Solaris 10 and sun4m architecture

I was just about to download Solaris 10 for my little/old Sparcstation 5….

Sun dropped support for the sun4m architecture on Solaris 10 🙁

From the Solaris 10 Release Notes:
[quote]The following servers that are based on the sun4m architecture are
no longer supported in this Solaris release.
SPARCstation® 4
SPARCstation 5
SPARCstation 10
SPARCstation 20
SPARCstation LX
SPARCstation LX+
SPARCclassic X
SPARCengineTM EC 3


ethereal and securemote

Today i updated my securemote/secureclient to version R56 Build 619.

After the upgrade my ethereal stopped working.
The problem was with the winpcap driver. It didn’t return me any interface for capture.
Upgrading the winpcap from version 3.0 to version 3.01a solved my problem.


Debian drops Sparc development

The Register has an article about the decision of Debian release manager Steve Langasek to drop some architectures… Sparc is one of them.


Could somebody please explain me what i i will run on my sparc machines (beside Solaris of course) ?

Let’s hope that they will reconsider it again….


The Abyss Club

We are open and we are waiting.

TheAbyss club is open. [url][/url], for divers and non divers (yet). Only in Greek language for now.

Greek Divers come on and register yourself in the forum [url][/url]


kernel 2.6.11

Or maybe it is, or it is or it is ?

Edit: 14/05/2004 I think today they desided that the latest 2.6 kernel is the 🙂

I was thinking to upgrade my machines…. NO, I will stay with the 2.6.10.
Read why…

Remember the kernel numbering has changed….
The *.x.y kernels are unstable.
The *.x only kernels are stable.

That means that 2.6.12 will be a stable one, and 2.6.11.y is unstable

Good or bad… Time will tell


LAND attack

Do you remember those funny days 8 years ago, where you could crash your win95 colleague pc with a nice Blue screen of Death ?

Microsoft hasn’t forgotten you. Now you can still do it on Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2003.
Have a look at securityfocus: [url][/url]

Thank you microsoft


New gmail features

More gmail features:
a) Now we have a selection for the Gmail view:
A basic HTML view in case we don’t have a fully supported browser and the usual standard one.
b) We can also login to Gmail directly from Picasa and send the photos from your Gmail account


Firefox 1.0.1 Released

Firefox 1.0.1 released to fix a lot of security problems. The good think is that it appears that they corrected (a bit) the problem with rendering the slashdot pages