Solaris 10 and sun4m architecture

I was just about to download Solaris 10 for my little/old Sparcstation 5….

Sun dropped support for the sun4m architecture on Solaris 10 🙁

From the Solaris 10 Release Notes:
[quote]The following servers that are based on the sun4m architecture are
no longer supported in this Solaris release.
SPARCstation® 4
SPARCstation 5
SPARCstation 10
SPARCstation 20
SPARCstation LX
SPARCstation LX+
SPARCclassic X
SPARCengineTM EC 3

One response to “Solaris 10 and sun4m architecture”

  1. I think it’s a shame and have left a note on a Sun forum. The Sparcstation is very nice machine and it should not be too difficult to compile a version of Solaris 10 for it.