Spam statistics for December

As the month ends in a few hours and this year ends also, it is time to have a look on the spam statistics for this month.

For month December:
I received 796 messages.
214 of them where caught by dspam, 11 missed.
That gives us:
[*]Spam ratio (of total processed) [b]22.037%[/b]
[*]Spam identification [b]95.111%[/b]

Not bad at all. Anyway, happy new year outhere, and i hope the guys at DSPAM will do the same good job as the did this year


gmail and invitations

When i logged into gmail i used to had the message “Invite x friends to gmail”.
Now it is changed “Give Gmail to x friends”. It must changed today.

Photography Software

RAW thumbnails

The common problem of a RAW photo is that you must open it with the apropriate tool on your PC in order to preview it. Yesterday i came across with the dpmagic [url][/url] (following a post from, a nice tool to produce thumbnails directly from raw and of course it supports my favorite Olympus 5060 :).

Installation is easy and working with that is easier: Open a folder that has raw photos inside. Switch to thumbnail view and here is the preview of your photo.

Very,very nice work. And it is free


AT89C2051 programmer update

After playing for about one week ([url][/url]) with that i can say that i am really satisfied. I did a lot of changes till the final design.

Now i must as usual create a PCB and a couple of html pages (or PDF) with the notes, parts and schematic.


Stepper Controller

Today i finished a stepper motor controller. It is a simple board made arround a AT89C2051 and 4 power transistor. I had some issues with the power supply (i need more current than it can give to me).

The design is simple: 1 pin for step, 1 pin for direction. On the todo list is to create a serial protocol in order to use it directly using commands.

So far it works with no problems but i need to create a PCB first in order to do more tests and add some safety features.


Slimbrowser V4.03

Finally after many many versions slimbrowser now can be closed before a file is completely downloaded.

Slimbrowser is my second option after firefox (even if it uses the IE engine)


Asterisk on WRT54GS ?

I came across to this [url][/url].

In short: Asterisk runs on the WRT :). That means a lot if you understand. You will have a 100 Euro device to terminate voip calls or use it as a voip gateway. I just added it on my todo list


Funded FreeBSD development project

Poul-Henning Kamp send an update of the Funded FreeBSD development project.

He has done an excellent work.

Only one comment: On his mail he mention the following
[b]”I rather fear I sound as boring as the tourist guides on
the ruins of Akropolis, my apologies.”[/b]

He was in Greece and we didn’t notice it ? To bad for us…..


gmail and spam

I am a user of gmail for about 3 months. The only use of this email account is to get all my mailing lists, and there are a lot of them.

I never used this email account on the web and the email i use for the mailing lists is another one that forwards all the emails to gmail.

The last 3 weeks i get about 2-3 spams a day, with a TO: directly to me. The antispam feature of gmail works ok and all the emails are going directly to the spam folder.

When i created the gmail account i wanted to be spam free, but as far i can see the spammers are using all the compinations for usernames to send spam….. To bad for me 🙁

[b]Edit 21/12/2004, 15:47[/b] Sean Reifschneider, posted today something interesting in his blog [url][/url] regarding the same problem as mine. Give it a look and read more on slashdot [url][/url]


FreeBSD 5.3 finally boots

After talking with sivitos (one of my friends, and a known freebsd guru) about the uhci GIANT-LOCKED he suggested to turn off the USB support.

Turning off the USB wasn’t a option cause i will use it later, but i found on the BIOS that i could turn off the usb legacy emulation.

And guess: The Freebsd boots :), and FreeSBIE works also. Happy playing


NetBSD 2.0 boot on Toshiba

Since the 5.3 Release failed to boot, i tried to see what it will happen with NetBSD 2.0 i386.

NetBSD at least it boots and i can use a shell.

Now i am really pist off. Priority 1 to have FreeBSD installed on the weekend.


FreeBSD 5.3 problems

After the release of FreeBSD on 06 Nov 2004, i wanted to do a test installation in my laptop, a Toshiba Pro M10.

Of course it didn’t succeded. The machine hung with a GIANT-LOCKED after probing the onboard USB controller. I didn’t have more time to investigate it so i did an abort.

Today i downloaded FreeSBIE, a freebsd [url][/url] live cd similar to knoppix, and try to see if it boot. Same error again.

Now it is time to find a solution. Doing a little search on google it appears that i am not the only person with the same problem, but i didn’t find a clear solution.

Disabling acpi didn’t help. The last message just for reference is the following:

[b]uhci0: port 0xefe0-0xefff irq 11 at device 29.0 on pci0
uhci0: Reserved 0x20 bytes for rid 0x20 type 4 at 0xefe0
uhci0: [GIANT-LOCKED][/b]

I will look at it again in the weekend. It is too bad i cannot run freebsd in my laptop 🙁


Asterisk PBX

Today i found some time to update my asterisk installation. I used for a long time the 0.9.

Now the latest version is 1.0.3. The update was less than ten minutes and everything work as expected, including my Zaptel interface.

I removed also the oh323 support since i am switching to IAX.

More on IAX soon


ssh forwarding

Did i say how much i love the ability to do a port forwarding with ssh ?

The problem: My router has a web interface which it is acceptable only from my internal network.
That mean that i cannot change anything if i am not home. OK i can use a lynx from one of my internal machines but the interface doesn’t work correctly.

SSH forwarding does your life easier: Setup a port forwarding using an ssh client for your localmachine port lets say 1234 to connect to the other machine port 80.
The command is the following:

ssh -C -L 1234:themachineyouwanttoreach:80

After you login to your ssh server you can use a http://localhost:1234 and you are up and running



AT89C2051 programmer

I allways wanted to make a at89c2051 programmer. The only programmers that i have is one for AVR and can program also the AT89S8252, another one for DS5000/DS2250 which i use for evalution and fast programming for the 8051.

Doing a search on google a came across to the following link: [url][/url]

The source code is under GPL and you can compile it using sdcc. My favorite embedded compiler.

This guy have build a really nice programmer, with only one problem…. The chicken – egg problem.

How i will program the 89C2051 in order to program the target 89C2051 ? 🙂

I took the source and import it in my cvs. Yes cvs, allways cvs. I did a clean up of the code in order to compile without warnings, and start doing changes for my board.

The board i designed is allmost the same but instead a 89C2051 i use an AT89S8252 and i don’t need a latch cause i have a lot of spare pins in order to program the target processor. Of course in my todo list is to make this board good enough to program all the processor i use, and ofcourse program also some time of memory, such as serial, I2C and so on.

I hope i will have finish it in the weekeend


Launchcast Radio

I came back from a coffe to my desktop. And i show a message on my yahoo messenger (Launchcast Radio): “Are you still there ?”.

Yahoo Messenger detects when you are idle and stops playing Launchcast Radio in order not to consume valuable bandwidth when you are not on your desktop.

Nice work.


Sveasoft firmware problem

I tried to upgrade my WRT54GS firmware to Alchemy 6.0 RC3 from Alchemy pre5.4.
Result: iptables didn’t load the rules. Restore to defaults didn’t solve it. I download the RC4 and everythink is back to normal.

Thanks sveasoft guys.


My Psion 5MX died….

My Psion 5MX just died….

The usual problem with the lcd. Yesterday night was working without any problem. Today i opened it and i had a few horizontial lines on the lcd.

The lcd cable has left us… I hope i will open it again on the weekend to see if i can fix it.

I bought it if i remember correctly on 1999, and i was using it till i got the 9210 communicator. After that i was playing with linux on it.

To bad, i wanted to do some experiments this weekend. Bye bye my friend


linuxmail account full of undeliverable notifications

I have an account on which i don’t use it too much. I hadn’t login for more that 2 months.

The account was over quota from the Undeliverable (or returned ) mails new viruses send using my email as the from address, or spams that spammers send using the same method

It will take me some time to clear it up. It is more than 350 mail messages 🙂


NetBSD 2.0 Released

I downloaded NetBSD 1.6.2 two days ago, in order to do some test to my sparcstation 5.

Today they released 2.0….. 🙂 Downloading now.

PS Next time i will have a look on the releases schedule before i start download 🙂