AT89C2051 programmer

I allways wanted to make a at89c2051 programmer. The only programmers that i have is one for AVR and can program also the AT89S8252, another one for DS5000/DS2250 which i use for evalution and fast programming for the 8051.

Doing a search on google a came across to the following link: [url][/url]

The source code is under GPL and you can compile it using sdcc. My favorite embedded compiler.

This guy have build a really nice programmer, with only one problem…. The chicken – egg problem.

How i will program the 89C2051 in order to program the target 89C2051 ? 🙂

I took the source and import it in my cvs. Yes cvs, allways cvs. I did a clean up of the code in order to compile without warnings, and start doing changes for my board.

The board i designed is allmost the same but instead a 89C2051 i use an AT89S8252 and i don’t need a latch cause i have a lot of spare pins in order to program the target processor. Of course in my todo list is to make this board good enough to program all the processor i use, and ofcourse program also some time of memory, such as serial, I2C and so on.

I hope i will have finish it in the weekeend

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