ethereal and securemote

Today i updated my securemote/secureclient to version R56 Build 619. After the upgrade my ethereal stopped working. The problem was with the winpcap driver. It didn’t return me any interface for capture. Upgrading the winpcap from version 3.0 to version 3.01a solved my problem.

LAND attack

Do you remember those funny days 8 years ago, where you could crash your win95 colleague pc with a nice Blue screen of Death ? Microsoft hasn’t forgotten you. Now you can still do it on Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2003. Have a look at securityfocus: [url][/url] Thank you microsoft


I use dspam for its speed and accuracy, for it’s web interface and statistics. I miss one feature. Retrain via History. Why ? Cause i don’t like to bounce messages. Cause you cannot convince your users to do it, and do it properly, cause i use the signatureLocation=headers, and the only MUA that works is […]

sendmail and maildir

Yes sendmail DOESN’T support maildir format. But if you use procmail here is the solution: Create a Maildir directory on your home folder using maildirmake. If you don’t have it you can try the following: mkdir $HOME/Maildir mkdir $HOME/Maildir/cur mkdir $HOME/Maildir/new mkdir $HOME/Maildir/tmp And create a .procmailrc using only that rule: :0 /home/yourhomedirectory/Maildir/ If procmail […]

lame server resolving

My DNS server (bind 9) was writing on the syslog quite often the common error message: [b]lame server resolving[/b]. A server is marked as lame when either an NS record points to an incorrect host, or the authoritative server is not giving authoritative anwers (that means is responding from his cache). Solution: You can turn […]

firefox crashes

I have about 5-6 installation of firefox 1.0 on win32, most of them on windows xp. All of them with the same settings, same extensions and theme. From time to time i get a lot of crashes with the following error: [b]AppName: firefox.exe AppVer: ModName: js3250.dll ModVer: Offset: 000084f7[/b] Especially when i try […]

RAW thumbnails

The common problem of a RAW photo is that you must open it with the apropriate tool on your PC in order to preview it. Yesterday i came across with the dpmagic [url][/url] (following a post from, a nice tool to produce thumbnails directly from raw and of course it supports my favorite Olympus […]

Slimbrowser V4.03

Finally after many many versions slimbrowser now can be closed before a file is completely downloaded. Slimbrowser is my second option after firefox (even if it uses the IE engine) [url][/url]

Asterisk PBX

Today i found some time to update my asterisk installation. I used for a long time the 0.9. Now the latest version is 1.0.3. The update was less than ten minutes and everything work as expected, including my Zaptel interface. I removed also the oh323 support since i am switching to IAX. More on IAX […]

ssh forwarding

Did i say how much i love the ability to do a port forwarding with ssh ? The problem: My router has a web interface which it is acceptable only from my internal network. That mean that i cannot change anything if i am not home. OK i can use a lynx from one of […]

Sveasoft firmware problem

I tried to upgrade my WRT54GS firmware to Alchemy 6.0 RC3 from Alchemy pre5.4. Result: iptables didn’t load the rules. Restore to defaults didn’t solve it. I download the RC4 and everythink is back to normal. Thanks sveasoft guys.

New Vulnerability Affects All Browsers

I was reading slashdot and drinking the first coffe of the day, and i came across to this “Secunia is reported about a new vulnerability, which affects all browsers. It allows a malicious web site to “hi-jack” pop-up windows, which could have been opened by e.g. a your bank or an online shop” [url][/url] The […]

Permalinks finally

Finally. I got permalinks to work. The story: My blog is under a virtual host on apache (Fedora Core 3), and i allways got a 404 error when i enabled permalinks. Solution simple: Options Indexes Includes FollowSymLinks Multiviews AllowOverride All Order allow,deny Allow from all For the directory that wordpress is installed And do a […]

vi and repeat command

First time that somebody told me i don’t use the vi the way i should. There was something like 0,10,20,30,40,50 and i should switch it to all zeros. I did it with dw and insert a 0. And the other guy said “Why you don’t use the repeat command” 🙂 cw changewhatyouwant for the first […]

Life with firefox

I have been using firefox for the last 6 months. I think now is time to write how is life with it. Why i switched to firefox ? Many reasons and security wasn’t the first cause i allready use linux and bsd. It is [b]fast[/b] and it is [b]fully customized[/b]. But you need some extra […]