Nitek Plus problem ?

My Dive Rite Nitek Plus follows me on every dive the last 2 years. Today i show something strange. After a small repeated dive (just 3-4 meters) it correctly displays the dive but it give a 0 C temperature. Strange ? Yes.

Dreambox DM7000

Starting from today i am a proud owner of a DM7000 🙂 It was on the whishlist for a long time. The box came with a 80GB hardisk installed=plenty of room to store recordings. First thoughts: The box is more than perfect. Channel Switching is really fast. I cannot compare it with my old skystar […]

Sveasoft Talisman Firmware

Yesterday sveasoft released their new firmware. A lot of changes if you compare it with Alchemy, and a really nice interface The only problem is that pppoe doesn’t work. I cannot get an IP from the DHCP server. Probably they will fix it in a day or two. I will keep you posted.

Solaris 9 on Sparcstation 5

I had some spare time and i tried to install Solaris 9 from media 09/04 on my Sparcstation 5, solaris 10 wasn’t and option since Sun dropped support for sun4m architecture. It was the first time that i was decided to start the install using the Install CD insted of the usual Software 1/2 CD. […]