Nitek Plus problem ?

My Dive Rite Nitek Plus follows me on every dive the last 2 years.

Today i show something strange. After a small repeated dive (just 3-4 meters) it correctly displays the dive but it give a 0 C temperature.

Strange ? Yes.


Dreambox DM7000

Starting from today i am a proud owner of a DM7000 🙂

It was on the whishlist for a long time.

The box came with a 80GB hardisk installed=plenty of room to store recordings.

First thoughts: The box is more than perfect.
Channel Switching is really fast. I cannot compare it with my old skystar 2 PC card.
Channel searching is also fast. Movie quality on the Sony 29″ awsome.

Now i can say that i will have all my weekend to do tests. Install a new image and a couple of plugins.

Of course the network cable is allready plugged and i can do the usual [b]ping dreambox[/b] 🙂

Happy playing 🙂


Sveasoft Talisman Firmware

Yesterday sveasoft released their new firmware. A lot of changes if you compare it with Alchemy, and a really nice interface

The only problem is that pppoe doesn’t work. I cannot get an IP from the DHCP server. Probably they will fix it in a day or two.

I will keep you posted.


Solaris 9 on Sparcstation 5

I had some spare time and i tried to install Solaris 9 from media 09/04 on my Sparcstation 5, solaris 10 wasn’t and option since Sun dropped support for sun4m architecture.

It was the first time that i was decided to start the install using the Install CD insted of the usual Software 1/2 CD. OK i will not do it again. Read why…

I tried booting from the install CD using a “boot cdrom”, here is the output:
SunOS Release 5.9 Version Generic_117171-07 32-bit
Copyright 1983-2003 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
Use is subject to license terms.
Configuring /dev and /devices
Using RPC Bootparams for network configuration information.
Skipping interface le0
Searching for configuration file(s)…
Search complete.

The Solaris Installer can be run in English, or any of the following languages:

1) English 6) Japanese
2) German 7) Korean
3) Spanish 8) Swedish
4) French 9) Simplified_Chinese
5) Italian 10) Traditional_Chinese
Select the language you want to use to run the installer: 1
[b]96Mb of memory is required for Solaris[/b].
[b]64Mb was found[/b].

Nice ? I don’t meet the memory requirements 🙂 :).

Ok we have 2 options. Either buy some more memory or try the usual installation using the Software 1/2 CD.

I choose the second one.

The installation worked like a harm, no problems, no needs for updating the memory.

Just a small warning for the readers: The Full installation takes about 4 hours on a sparcstation.
Don’t try it at home 🙂


Gmail: April Fool or true

New features again from gmail.

Fonts, bullets and highlighting.
Also on every refresh my account increases. Will it reach the 2GB limit ? The infinity ?….. 🙂 🙂