Solaris 9 on Sparcstation 5

I had some spare time and i tried to install Solaris 9 from media 09/04 on my Sparcstation 5, solaris 10 wasn’t and option since Sun dropped support for sun4m architecture. It was the first time that i was decided to start the install using the Install CD insted of the usual Software 1/2 CD. […]

Solaris 10 and sun4m architecture

I was just about to download Solaris 10 for my little/old Sparcstation 5…. Sun dropped support for the sun4m architecture on Solaris 10 🙁 From the Solaris 10 Release Notes: [url][/url] [quote]The following servers that are based on the sun4m architecture are no longer supported in this Solaris release. SPARCstation® 4 SPARCstation 5 SPARCstation 10 […]