Rebreathers Scuba

Cleaning the dosage head

It is really important to have the write person for the job…

1)Give him a call.

2) Explain him that you need to clean your jet.

3) Follow his instructions.

Done. The flow from the 50% Jet is back to normal.

Rebreathers Scuba

Intermediate pressure test

What do you do when you want to check your first stage ?

Option 1: Send it to GKAM

Option 2:

Step 1: Get the IP test guage from GKAM 🙂
Step 2: Attach it to the low-pressure BC hose

The IP pressure from the first stage of Ray is 10.5 bar. And has a fast response when you breath from the octupus. Looks ok to me….

Rebreathers Scuba

Tank Hydrostatic test

My 4lt tank just came back from the hydrostatic test.
One step closer to dive the unit 🙂

Rebreathers Scuba

Draeger Ray photos

Some photos of my Ray…

Hoses and Mouthpiece

Ray Hoses

Scrubber canister

Scrubber canister
Bottom part of the canister. You can see the P-port waiting for the OxygaugeCanister bottom

Dosage head for EAN 50
Dosage Head 50%


Oxygauge First stage regulator, manifold, octapus and cauge

Draeger Ray regulator

The compete device

Draeger Ray

Rebreathers Scuba

Draeger Ray Tests…

I spend my whole day at work reading the manual. Normally i don’t read the manuals. This time i did it and i really enjoy it.

The Draeger Ray manual is more than complete. They explain everything from the complete assembly and dissasembly of the unit to pre and post dive maintainance and all the risks (and believe me there are a lot).

With the help of the manual i did an initial assembly. Just the tank the first stage regulator and the dosage unit.

First test shows me a flow of 5lt/min. According with the manual i should get 8.25 lt/min +/- 20% this value is out of the range.

Since the tank has about 50bar i thought that this is our problem. Wrong, the dosage unit has dirt and needs to be cleaned 🙁

Rebreathers Scuba

Draeger Ray

Yesterday i got a very interesting phone call from my friend GKAM, a known rebreather diver in the greek underwater community.

Here is the conversation:

GKAM: Bill i found a Draeger ray are you still interested ?
Me: Sure, when can i buy it ?
GKAM: Tomorrow i think
Me: Ok sounds nice

Honest i couldn’t sleep that night. When this guy propose you something you allready know 2 thinks:

a) That it is a bargain
b) That is works

I was searching for a rebreather for more than a year. My search on ebay didn’t went as i expected. A lot of Dreager Dolphins but most of the time they ended with a buyer and they appear again a couple of days later with the same decription and photos. I bid twice on them just to get a nice email message from the buyer to finish the auction outside the ebay. Since the price was on average 1700 Euros i didn’t risk it.

Date 26 February Time late in the noon
I went to see the rebreather with the money in my pocket 🙂

The reb is ready to dive, condition as new.

It came with 2 dosage heads one 32% and one 50%, the first one still sealed, an oxygauge with a sensor, and 5 lt of DiveSorb.
Yes i bought it.

Finally i am a happy owner of a Draeger Ray Rebreather.

This is how our story starts….. and believe me we have a lot of work to do in order to dive it plus now we have one more reason to finish our ppo2 display…

Photos coming soon


Underwater Kinetics C4 eLed

I bought a Underwater Kinetics C4 eLed from a friend of our local diving club The Abyss

The item was new in his box.

It is really nice, light and bright….. I am waiting to find some time for a night dive to test it.

I am a fun of Underwater Kinetics lights, but of course we cannot compare them to Kowalski Xenon lights…. but the eLed is a good light anyway


DIY Oxygen Analyzer

For a long time i wanted an oxygen analyzer in order to double check my Nitrox mixes.

With a couple of parts an LCD display and a Teledyne sensor it is finally alive 🙂

DIY Analyzer

Total cost about 120 Euro


Nitek Plus problem ?

My Dive Rite Nitek Plus follows me on every dive the last 2 years.

Today i show something strange. After a small repeated dive (just 3-4 meters) it correctly displays the dive but it give a 0 C temperature.

Strange ? Yes.


The Abyss Club

We are open and we are waiting.

TheAbyss club is open. [url][/url], for divers and non divers (yet). Only in Greek language for now.

Greek Divers come on and register yourself in the forum [url][/url]


First dive of the year

I came back a couple of hour ago from my first dive for this year.

It wasn’t so cold 🙂 :). The temperature was 7 degrees and the water temperature 13 deggres.

Total dive time: 20 min
Max depth: 23 meters.

I think that i will use my blog as a dive log also….. Is there a plugin around ? 🙂