One year using gmail

Today i celebrate one year using the gmail.

2GB was more than enough. I use it for all my mailling lists and after one year i still use only 85MB of my space. It contains about 6000 conversations and counting

It is a relief for my normal mail account 🙂

GMail Sign-Ups Via Mobile

With a blog entry on Google Blog ( Google announced that gmail is open to public, It now accepts sign-ups via mobile.

The Beta logo on the gmail page still exists, also our invitations remain there.

I cannot see the sign up page maybe cause i am located to Greece, but if i do that using a host located at US the url for the sign up is located here

New gmail features

More gmail features:
a) Now we have a selection for the Gmail view:
A basic HTML view in case we don’t have a fully supported browser and the usual standard one.
b) We can also login to Gmail directly from Picasa and send the photos from your Gmail account

gmail and spam

I am a user of gmail for about 3 months. The only use of this email account is to get all my mailing lists, and there are a lot of them.

I never used this email account on the web and the email i use for the mailing lists is another one that forwards all the emails to gmail.

The last 3 weeks i get about 2-3 spams a day, with a TO: directly to me. The antispam feature of gmail works ok and all the emails are going directly to the spam folder.

When i created the gmail account i wanted to be spam free, but as far i can see the spammers are using all the compinations for usernames to send spam….. To bad for me 🙁

[b]Edit 21/12/2004, 15:47[/b] Sean Reifschneider, posted today something interesting in his blog [url][/url] regarding the same problem as mine. Give it a look and read more on slashdot [url][/url]