Whiterussian RC5 Released

Our friends at openwrt released the Whiterussian RC5

A lot of bugfixes….. Time to do a backup of my WRT54GS and upgrade


Upgrading to FC5

Time to upgrade to FC5…

First we upgrade our system to the latest FC4 updates:
yum upgrade

Upgrade the fedora release:
rpm -Uvh

Upgrade the yum:
yum upgrade yum

And now time for the full system upgrade:
yum upgrade

Wait……….do a reboot and you are up and running.


Fedora Core 5 Released

Fedora core 5 released today.

bofh waits for it upgrade, i will give it a couple of days for the mirrors to sync and then i will upgrade through yum


appending the bash history

One common problem with the default settings of bash or the defaults settings of your bash_profile ~/.bashrc is the bash_history.

When you logout from your shell all the commands you entered there are writteen to the bash_history. Hmmm what happens when you logout from 2 or more shells ? Yes the last history list is written = you loose what you typed in the others shells you closed.

Instead of overwriting the history list to the history file you can append it.

shopt -s histappend
export HISTSIZE=4096

We also change the default HISTSIZE from 500 lines to 4096

Add the commands you your ~/.bashrc ~/.bash_profile and you are up and running

Rebreathers Scuba

Cleaning the dosage head

It is really important to have the write person for the job…

1)Give him a call.

2) Explain him that you need to clean your jet.

3) Follow his instructions.

Done. The flow from the 50% Jet is back to normal.

Rebreathers Scuba

Intermediate pressure test

What do you do when you want to check your first stage ?

Option 1: Send it to GKAM

Option 2:

Step 1: Get the IP test guage from GKAM 🙂
Step 2: Attach it to the low-pressure BC hose

The IP pressure from the first stage of Ray is 10.5 bar. And has a fast response when you breath from the octupus. Looks ok to me….

Rebreathers Scuba

Tank Hydrostatic test

My 4lt tank just came back from the hydrostatic test.
One step closer to dive the unit 🙂