CompactDrive PD70X

Going on vacations without a lot of memory cards or a laptop is a really big mistake, so i bought a CompactDrive PD70X from eastgear.

The device came with a set of 2500mAh batteries from Sanyo, and a car charger. It is really small and is fast.

You can use it with one hand if you attach it on your belt with the provided case.

I put a 40GB disk inside and we are ready to go. No more laptop to unload my memory cards and i think that now is the time to start shooting using raw only.

Photography Software

RAW thumbnails

The common problem of a RAW photo is that you must open it with the apropriate tool on your PC in order to preview it. Yesterday i came across with the dpmagic [url][/url] (following a post from, a nice tool to produce thumbnails directly from raw and of course it supports my favorite Olympus 5060 :).

Installation is easy and working with that is easier: Open a folder that has raw photos inside. Switch to thumbnail view and here is the preview of your photo.

Very,very nice work. And it is free